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Exciting as travel can be, it is not without its share of difficulties. Finding convenient, healthy food is one of the most difficult things for travelers to do. You may rely on for this. The Berlin-based company offers traveler-centric food delivery services. Whether you’re in Berlin for business or vacation, will make sure you savor every bite of the city’s delectable cuisine without ever leaving your accommodation.

Why Choose

Preparing meals when on the road may be a real challenge due to the combination of limited time and unfamiliar surroundings. This is made easier with’s dependable and hassle-free meal delivery service, which is designed just for travelers. Having tasty, home-cooked meals brought to your door saves you the trouble of searching for a restaurant or preparing food in a cramped rental kitchen.

Our Diverse Menu

The variety of cuisines offered is one of the main attractions of We have a wide variety of cuisines to suit any taste, from authentic German fare like schnitzel and bratwurst to more modern dishes inspired by around the world. For maximum freshness and diversity, we update our menu daily to reflect the products that are in season and that are acquired locally.

Traditional German Cuisine

Indulge in some traditional German cuisine and feel like you’re in Berlin. Intrepidfood menu delivers the finest of traditional German cuisine to your door, including robust sausages and flavorful pretzels.

International Favorites

Looking for something new? You may find cuisines from all over the globe on their international menu. You won’t even have to leave your accommodation to savor authentic American comfort cuisine, Asian stir-fries, or Italian pastas.

Daily Specials

Every day, their chefs craft specials that showcase the freshest, locally sourced foods. This keeps our cuisine fresh and varied, with something new to sample each.

Convenient Delivery Service

Travelers are the primary target audience for the delivery service. Your schedule is variable, and knows that. That’s why we offer various delivery hours to match your demands. We can accommodate your every dietary need, be it a late-night snack following a business meeting or a hearty breakfast before a day of sightseeing.

Easy Online Ordering

Place your order with ease with You may peruse our menu, make an order, and arrange for delivery in a matter of minutes all through our intuitive website. For any inquiries or unique requirements, we can provide customer service in multiple languages.

Prompt and Reliable Delivery

Our dependable and fast delivery service is something we’re really proud of. The freshness and piping hotness of your food are guaranteed by our staff. Long lines and skipped meals are things of the past with

Healthy and Fresh Meals

Even more so when you’re on the road, we at think it’s crucial to eat healthily. That’s why we put so much effort into making sure your meals are tasty and full of healthy nutrients.

Fresh Ingredients

To ensure the highest quality, we utilize only ingredients that are as close to the source as possible. Doing so helps local farmers and producers while also guaranteeing the greatest flavor.

Dietary Options

Every visitor has unique food requirements and preferences, and we respect that. Those who are gluten or dairy intolerant, as well as vegans and vegetarians, will find plenty of alternatives on our menu. Just inform us of your needs, and we will see to it that everything is taken care of.

Nutritional Information

We value openness and honesty. To ensure that you are aware of precisely what is in your food, we offer comprehensive nutritional information for each of our dishes. This will make it much simpler to eat healthily even while you’re not at home.

Traveler-Friendly Services

If you’re planning a trip, is here to make it easy and fun for you. Travelers can rely on our personalized services to cater to their specific requirements.

Multilingual Support

Not knowing the language might make traveling to a new place much more difficult. You can reach our customer service representatives in a number of different languages, including English, German, and others.

Allergen Information

Allergies to foods are a major concern for us. Our cooks are prepared to accommodate specific diets, and we provide comprehensive allergy information on our menu. We will make sure your meals are both safe and delicious if you just tell us what you need.

Flexible Payment Options

To provide the utmost convenience for you, we provide multiple payment alternatives. Use a widely used payment method like PayPal, a credit card, or another popular option.

How to Order

Place your order with ease and simplicity at Get tasty food delivered right to your door by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit Website: To view our menu, please visit [](
  2. Choose Your Meals: From our extensive menu, choose the foods that you love the most.
  3. Place Your Order: Put everything you want into your shopping cart and go to checkout.
  4. Schedule Delivery: Pick a delivery time that works for you: Schedule delivery.
  5. Enjoy Your Meal: While you wait for your food, kick back and relax.

Sustainability Practices

Doing what we can to keep the planet habitable is important to us here at Sustainability is important to us, thus we take many measures to lessen our influence on the environment.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All of our food is packaged in environmentally friendly materials. You can help the environment and cut down on trash with our recyclable and biodegradable containers.

Local Sourcing

Whenever feasible, we try to get our ingredients from nearby sources. By reducing transit, this helps local farmers and producers while simultaneously lowering our carbon footprint.

Reducing Food Waste

Lessening food waste is an important goal for us. The menu and portion proportions are meticulously planned by our chefs to maximize the usage of ingredients and reduce waste.


You shouldn’t have to worry about your next meal when you’re on vacation; instead, you should focus on seeing the world and having fun. You can have nutritious, tasty food delivered to your home in Berlin with, so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. No matter if you’re in Berlin on business, a tourist, or an expat, is here to help you have a better and easier time.

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What types of cuisine does offer?
You may find both classic German fare and more exotic cuisines on the extensive selection at Ingredients that are in season and purchased locally are featured on our ever-changing menu.

How do I place an order?
It is easy to place an order. To arrange for delivery at a time that is convenient for you, simply visit our website, peruse the menu, and make your selections.

Are there options for special dietary needs?
We do, in fact, cater to a wide range of dietary restrictions, including those who are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. All of our dishes also come with comprehensive allergy information.

What payment methods do you accept?
To ensure the utmost convenience for our customers, we have integrated multiple payment options, including PayPal and major credit cards.

Can I schedule a delivery time?
It is possible to select a delivery time that is convenient for you. To make sure you get your food whenever it’s most convenient for you, we provide various delivery times.

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